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If you have a copy of your HOA account statement, or your association has a web portal where you can view your account online, you can determine the method of your payment by the check number listed for your payment on the statement.

  • ACH payments where CMI debits your bank account on the 8th, or the business day thereafter, show on your account statement as check number 99999.
  • E-payments that you set up in the Electronic Payment System online show on your account statement as check number 88888.
  • Checks that the association receives from you or your bank show on your account statement with the check number we received, or the last six digits of the check if the check number exceeds six digits.

If you are unsure of your account number or don’t have an account statement containing that number, contact

[email protected] or call Accounts Receivable at 503-233-0300 and we can help you.