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After serving on our HOA Board for just over a year, I have a much greater understanding and appreciation for our CMI managers! They handle the critical tasks to maintain our compliance with applicable statutes; something most owners are unaware of. They bring a wealth of experience when helping us navigate through bids and contracts as well as day to day maintenance and enforcement issues that arise. Though ours is a smaller community than most, we are not treated as any less significant as a client. When our Board was going through a contentious period, Denise took it upon herself to shepherd us through and stabilize things before handing us over to Ilima, who is a terrific fit with our community. Ilima is very organized and always provides timely and helpful feedback, scheduling, etc. CMISD’s service providers are professional and friendly. Homeowners are comfortable seeing them on site, often taking the time to say hello and thank them for the work they do – usually on short notice. Our HOA benefits from CMI’s experience and integrity; hence, the 5 stars.