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Yes.  CMI has a policy where all returned payments are subject to a $25 returned item fee and re-deposited items are subject to $10 re-deposited item fee.  If a payment deposited into the association’s bank account is returned for any reason, the HOA account is charged the return item fee. The returned item fee offsets the bank fee we are charged and covers the work done to return the payment.  Items can be returned for different reasons- insufficient funds, closed account, frozen account, or invalid account number (in the case of E-payments). It is important to verify an account is open and funded before sending a check for the HOA fees.  When making an E-payment it is important to double check the account number and routing number entered online for the payment. E-payments are credited to the association’s account and settles to the customer’s account the day after. If the account number entered online is an invalid account number, the payment never settles to the customer’s account and the payment the association received is returned.  Although, customers don’t see the transaction on their bank as being returned, the funds were returned from the association’s account and the returned item fee is charged to the customer.