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Community & Association Management Services in Oregon & Washington

Maintaining and developing the environment within your community plays a big role in enhancing both quality of living and property values. Community Management Inc. provides community association services that can be tailored to your needs. Community Management Inc.’s Facility Asset Management (FAM) goes beyond obvious day-to-day management to create and implement a customized building maintenance plan.

Property Services

In a world without budgetary constraints, the sky would be the limit, and applying the best community management services would be a breeze. Sadly, we don’t inhabit such a world, and most of the time we have fixed budgets to work with, but that doesn’t have to mean subpar community association services. CMI has the ability to analyze a budget and craft an affordable service plan that makes sense for each community in CMI’s care.

In addition to budget limitations, we understand that community associations face an ever-changing set of challenges, which is why we continue with the same attention to detail once the plan has been created. Dynamic problems can’t be addressed with set-it-and-forget-it solutions, so an experienced CMI associate will walk through every step of implementation, providing hands-on service with the same degree of specificity we committed to plan development.

Since 1972, CMI has learned a few things about successful association management services. In accordance with our eight core values, we dedicate ourselves with the utmost integrity to the plan, the fulfilment, and the partnership we forge with our clients. That means seeing projects through 100%, assessing problems quickly and accurately, with your community’s interests and needs in mind.

CMI’s services encompass many areas, such as janitorial and porter services, general maintenance, and concierge services. We possess expertise in financial services, record keeping, and correspondence. Whether you need tax review or audit prep, help with your monthly newsletter or with keeping track of data files, we can do it, and do it expertly. In both maintenance and customer-facing service, we aim to provide exactly what is needed, and to do so with our trademark aplomb and integrity. This is just a sample of what CMI can help your community accomplish. When you call and speak with a CMI associate, we’ll guide you through a full suite of options and services, from which we can curate a bespoke service package for your association.

When exploring your options for community association management services, we encourage you to consider efficiency, in terms of both time and budget. Consider where CMI’s expansive reach and expertise might come into play. Our vast network of quality vendors and knowledgeable associates are ready to undertake any challenge that might arise, and can do so in an efficient, timely manner. So instead of researching plumbers and soliciting multiple bids, or making calls to an accounting firm on April 10th each year, you can leave service outsourcing in CMI’s capable hands and focus on making your community association the best it can be.

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Project Coordinator

CMI is proud to offer a unique Project Coordination (PC) service. CMI’s Facility Asset Management (FAM) department works alongside your Association’s Board of Directors to implement your individual Building Maintenance Plan (BMP). The plan is then implemented by your PC. This service allows you to purchase whatever hourly assistance your association may need, while giving you the flexibility to alter your services from time to time, including adding seasonal or additional annual requirements to your Building Maintenance Plan.

In an environment where the needs of our clients are variable, CMI is pleased to offer flexible solutions that work in concert with the fixed items addressed in your BMP. Our FAM department services include ongoing assistance with analyzing your community’s needs, along with the freedom to adjust on the fly by adding or removing services as desired. In some locations, seasonal fluctuations in weather and temperature can vastly alter certain requirements, such as landscaping and the upkeep of other physical facilities. Perhaps you’ll also discover one-time improvement projects that need to be tackled — our Project Coordinators working within CMI’s FAM department can help there as well.

Our FAM department offers services that are a good fit for associations looking to enhance building quality and operational efficiency, and it can be accessed in as little as one-hour increments, allowing you to decide how much or how little you’d like to use. Sometimes, small problems can be assessed and solved quickly. When you call CMI, you’ll be able to speak to one of our experienced associates and determine if the bevy of FAM services makes sense for your community. Whether it’s for an outside-the-box one-off project, or making sure your IT equipment is regularly serviced, our PC’s service can take on the burden of daily operations, leaving you and your board free to tackle more weighty matters.

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