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Community Management Inc. (CMI) created Facility Asset Management (FAM) Project Coordinators to ensure our clients have access to a professional and hassle-free service dedicated to maintaining the condition of their physical facilities.

The FAM department’s Project Coordinators work with our clients to define needs and relieve the pressure of managing maintenance and upkeep projects. As a FAM client, you can expect timely and efficient implementation with excellent communication and clear reporting. CMI’s FAM department works closely with your association’s board of directors to implement your custom Building Maintenance Plan (BMP). This custom service allows you to purchase the hourly assistance your association needs, while giving you the flexibility to add or remove services to suit the seasonal or annual requirements of your BMP.

Facility Asset Management (FAM)

A Building Maintenance Plan (BMP) is an outline — a script that our Project Coordinators follow to provide tailored maintenance. While reality is rarely as simple as creating a foolproof plan and following it no matter what, having a good BMP is the first step in eliminating the majority of maintenance worries and headaches. With a good BMP, you can be assured that all your facilities are kept up to industry standard. You have a record of every to-do item and when it was taken care of. As with all our services, clients get to participate in creating a custom maintenance approach, which will become their BMP, with the help of an experienced Project Coordinator.

Right from the beginning, our FAM department will help identify potential problems and craft solutions. We’ll also help clients maximize their budgets, putting the most money to work where it will make the biggest difference.

Once a client has created and approved of their custom BMP, the process proceeds with the help of one of our Project Coordinators (PCs). These seasoned experts have years of experience in maintenance planning and execution behind them, and are selected specifically to manage BMP execution. We don’t expect our clients to turn their facilities over to just anyone, and with our PCs, you can breathe easy knowing that your building is in good hands, and your custom plan is being carried out by a knowledgeable professional capable of offering valuable suggestions whenever something unforeseen may arise.

When a BMP is in effect, our clients are kept up to date with timely, accurate reporting. Active communication is the foundation of all great partnerships, and we expect our client relationships to be exactly that. As routine tasks are done, and maintenance is performed, CMI keeps our clients abreast of all that has happened, and in the event that something outside the parameters of the BMP occurs, our clients can expect to be kept in the loop. Our clear, accurate and timely reporting allows our clients to stay informed without having to manage every single detail.

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Maintaining Value

Part of the reason we believe so strongly in an accurate, custom Building Maintenance Plans and individual Project Coordinators is that having an expert present and actively engaged leads not only to aesthetic success, but also to improved safety in our clients’ buildings. When problems are missed, or worse, ignored, they can fester and turn into something big, or even dangerous. As our PCs get to know each building inside and out, they’re in a position to take care of small concerns before they get a chance to grow — whether aesthetic or safety-related.

Through a comprehensive BMP, and a proactive, preventative maintenance approach, our Project Coordinators will take care to identify and address potential problems before they come up. With over four decades in the business, CMI knows the value of staying ahead of the curve when it comes to keeping buildings problem-free and running smoothly. As our PCs execute a BMP, they will also ensure that all systems and facilities measure up to all applicable municipal codes and standards.

Not only do our clients’ residents enjoy well-maintained facilities that improve their standards of living, they also enjoy the comfort of knowing their building systems and access control are at the forefront of our PC’s mind, and that through a rigorous process of continual attention to detail, they’re be well taken care of. What could be more important?