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At Community Management Inc., we believe that the services provided to a community association should be responsive, reliable, and approachable. Our team strives to deliver this every day.

CMI believes in individual solutions to fit individual needs. We work with you to create a plan to fulfill the staffing needs of your community to maintain a pleasant, safe, and secure environment.

Janitor and Porter Services

CMI has been in the homeowner association industry since 1972. That’s a wealth of knowledge we’re proud to share with every one of our clients. When you tell us what you want for your community, we draw on that experience to tailor our services to your specific needs, and we work hard to earn your trust and confidence. We strive to create long lasting relationships in Oregon and Washington based on integrity and quality service, and our janitorial and porter services are no exception.

CMI can meet all your staffing, janitorial, and maintenance needs. Our Service Supervisor has over 26 years of experience, all of which goes toward crafting more precisely personalized service plans for the benefit of each client. In addition to our supervisor’s extensive knowledge, CMI’s additional team members have an average of 15-20 years of training in their respective fields. This means more know-how, more vetted vendor connections, and more efficient service to your association, all at competitive costs.

We know that no one enjoys wasting money, no matter how much of it there might be to go around. That’s why CMI is so eager to research and present a maintenance service plan that is specific to your needs, avoiding common pitfalls and unnecessary money sinks. When you combine experience and specificity, you get efficiency. No wasted time, no wasted money.

No two community associations are the same, and we believe that no two service plans should be the same either. Our team of experienced associates is on hand, ready, and excited to craft a custom approach that will fulfil your community’s unique needs while improving the experience of your residents.

Concierge Services

Whether your residents are interested in discovering new experiences right in their own neighborhood, or just want their guests greeted with a warm smile, an onsite CMI Concierge adds the finishing touch to your community. Our concierge staff is motivated to provide the best customer service to both residents and guests and will be trained in the unique requirements of your community.

Concierge service isn’t just for upscale hotel guests. It’s an experience that can benefit the members of any community. In-depth local knowledge can enhance the living experience of even longtime community members. In addition to the enhancements that a concierge service provides to your residents’ everyday lives, it also adds a layer of security — an additional stage of communication and gatekeeping, and a point of origin for enacting safety procedures. A CMI concierge will work hand-in-hand with both your community manager and the project coordinator to ensure uniform adoption of new and dynamic security policies.

As with all our services, CMI won’t offer a generic concierge solution. We cherish every opportunity to craft a detailed, specific approach. No two communities are the same, and as such, it would be a grave misstep to assume that a service as resident-oriented as a concierge could be plug-and-play. When you call CMI and speak with one of our experienced associates, we’ll help identify the particular needs faced by your residents, before offering personalized solutions. We look forward to working together to provide the best concierge experience possible for your community.

All of our concierge staff receive extensive training and are ready to provide your community with the extra professionalism, residential service, and security your community will love.

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General Maintenance Services

Maintenance plans come in thousands of variations, and in keeping with our approach to all our services, CMI will design a plan to meet each client’s individual needs. As we discuss the particular demands of your community, we can also pinpoint where the budget can be maximized to get you the most for your money.

Our onsite, tailored plans can include everything from power washing to carpentry. They address recurring tasks, such as parking lot cleaning and pool maintenance, while also planning for the once-in-a-while events and making allowances for unforeseen occurrences. CMI can handle the heavier work as well, such as sheetrock and drywall, general construction, and even lighting systems. Whether for a weekly cleaning or a one-off construction project, we’ve got a deep roster of quality, vetted vendors whose stock in trade is professional grade workmanship.

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