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Community Management Inc.’s history of successful property management in Portland, management in Oregon and Washington speaks for itself. We are invested in the vision you have for your community and dedicated to delivering on a plan we have devised together.

Property Management and How We Are Different

When considering options for property management in Oregon and Washington, there are some basic issues that will always need to be addressed, like general maintenance and compliance enforcement. With CMI, you’ll find an experienced, agile, diverse firm that can meet not just these obvious needs, but many more.

Not only does this give us extensive experience with the day-to-day operations, but that wealth of knowledge makes us uniquely prepared to handle the unforeseen issues and the peace of mind that your community isn’t just a name on a Community Manager’s list.

CMI’s core values act as guiding principles for our family of employees. These principles—giving back to our community, life-long learning, mentorship, hard work—all aim to build a strong working relationship with each of our business partners and with the communities entrusting their care to CMI from Salem to Vancouver. We invest ourselves in our clients’ visions for success, and we work together with each of them to achieve those goals. Property management needs throughout Washington and Oregon are varied, and we offer the flexibility to create a plan that fits your individual needs and ambitions for your community.

Property Services and Related Capabilities

We want to see our clients succeed, and succeed on their own terms, fulfilling their own visions. CMI facilitates this by offering a wide range of property services, from the upkeep of physical facilities to the administrative tasks of correspondence and budget keeping. The ins and outs of property services are dynamic and can change rapidly. We’re agile enough to stay on top of both the changes and those things that remain constant.

We can handle all janitorial needs, keeping your buildings in a top-notch state of cleanliness at all times. Our porter service can assist residents in a variety of ways, and our professional concierge service can add that extra touch that goes above and beyond, allowing residents to enjoy the amenities of a high-class hotel right where they live. The best part is that, at CMI, we take care of everything.

In addition to our resident-facing services, we can take care of all general maintenance needs. If something needs upkeep or repair, we’ve got it well in hand, and if something unexpected pops up, we’ll be in touch to offer advice and consult on a best approach. We’ve built a successful business on the foundation of firm partnerships and quality communication.

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Building Maintenance Services

The old aphorism about how failing to plan is planning to fail could not be more true in the realm of building maintenance. Under a passive approach, entropy can be expected to ensue. At CMI, we’d like to help avoid this fate.

Our personalized service plans stem from each client’s unique vision. We work together with our clients to create a custom plan for each property that checks every box, while leaving room for improvement as the plan is enacted. While it would be nice to hit home runs every time, but we know that sometimes a perfect solution only comes from consistent honing and fine-tuning. You learn from experience, and at CMI, we've got over 50 years of it..

Through lists, checklists, and more lists, we take an exacting, deliberate approach to carrying out your building maintenance plan once it’s been crafted and put in place. We don’t put a lot of stock in human memory, so once your plan is enacted, we follow it to the letter, all while keeping you in the loop through consistent reporting and communication.

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Where We Operate

CMI is your community management resource across the Pacific Northwest. We’re present in Washington and Oregon. Whether your community is in Hillsboro or Salem, Camas or Bend, we’re there for you, ready to help create the perfect community management plan for you.