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Homeowners Association Management Services


In Oregon & Washington

When clients consider options for management of their homeowner association, whether in Oregon or Washington, they think of CMI.


Community Management Professionals in Oregon & Washington

As the first Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC) in Oregon, Community Management Inc. continues to stand apart from other community management providers. Since 1972 CMI has continually challenged the industry, leading the way by creating impactful and matchless solutions for community homeowners’ associations in Oregon and Washington.

CMI’s integrity is unyielding. We are dedicated to building our relationships with communities in Oregon and Washington and delivering insightful leadership with passion and determination. CMI strives toward big picture goals, but never ignores the daily steps that can make a community better, not just someday, but today.

At CMI, we believe in giving back so our community trough mentorship, hard work, and continuing education. These values are our guiding philosophy in all aspects of our business, from client interaction to the selection and hiring of the right associates. Our corporate culture is important to us, and we believe that following our core principles is what allows us to build such strong partnerships with our clients, our vendors, and each other. When you begin a relationship with us, we’re confident you’ll notice the difference.

Property Management in Oregon and Washington

When clients consider options for management of homeowner association whether in Oregon or Washington, most often they think of funding for deferred maintenance. CMI knows how important these everyday items are, and we’re just as invested as our clients are in making sure our managed properties run smoothly and successfully. There are other issues, however, that are harder to predict.

As every homeowner knows, the unexpected will find a way of happening every so often, and it’s inherently difficult to plan for. That’s where CMI’s decades of experience come in. Not only does CMI have extensive experience with day-to-day operations, our wealth of knowledge also gives us the unique ability to handle unforeseen and downright unusual problems, and respond with a wide range of innovative property management solutions.

Clients aren’t just names on a list at CMI. We adhere to our core principles and aim to build a working relationship with each of our partners. We invest ourselves in each client’s vision for success, and work together with them to achieve it.

Depending on your community’s unique needs, CMI can provide janitorial, porter, and concierge services, in addition to the Facility Asset Management, general maintenance and administrative services our clients have come to expect from Washington and Oregon’s leading community management firm.

At CMI, we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and anticipate developing many long-lasting partnerships built on our core principles of integrity in service, throughout Washington and Oregon. We know that our long history of successful management will help aid our clients in realizing their potential.

Homeowner Management in Oregon and Washington

CMI offers a complete range of community management services, which can be tailored to your communities’ specific needs. CMI is well-situated to take care of financial details, clerical tasks, administrative services, record keeping and more. Our unique team is composed of professionals whose combined professional credentials are unparalleled in Washington and Oregon. In fact, CMI is home to six holders of the coveted distinction of Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM)! No matter what our clients’ specific needs may be, our community management professionals have the background and the skills to create a plan that will improve any community group.

The needs of community and homeowners’ associations throughout Washington and Oregon are varied, and we’re ready to create a plan that fits your needs. Our finance department is equipped to handle everything from creating and analyzing your operating budget, to tax audit prep, to handling payables and receivables, and most things in between.

At CMI, we believe that communication is one of the keys to any successful organization. Keeping in touch with clients and vendors is important, and CMI is on top of it. Whether it’s a monthly newsletter, a draft of rules and regulations, or just general correspondence, we help our clients stay connected with their communities.

CMI also excels at comprehensive record keeping and networking. We’re no stranger to either database maintenance or electronic filing systems, so we can always keep your records in order. CMI’s Portland office offers record storage space for items your community must retain, but may not have room to store. In addition, CMI offers a 24-hour phone answering service and can reach out on your behalf to professionals like Plumbers, electricians, and arborists.

In addition to our record keeping service, CMI offers other unparalleled administrative supports. From organizing a meeting and keeping minutes, to housing your communities original architectural drawings, we have the personnel and the expertise to keep our clients’ communities running smoothly.

Community Management in Oregon and Washington

Our Community Management Services are comprehensive, starting with, janitorial related services, pool and spa maintenance and extends all the way to our high-quality on-site services such as concierge, porter, and the Facility Asset Management Department. We’re qualified to solve a myriad of problems along the way, and maybe even identify a few areas where we can make an affirmative difference for your residents. Beyond our ability to respond to issues, we like to take a proactive approach, looking for places our services can add an extra layer of quality. We know our clients are always searching for budget-conscious ways to make an impact on their communities and a positive experience for owners. When you work with CMI, our experienced associates work alongside your board to identify areas of concern, and then craft solutions and improvements to fit.

Our financial support team is equipped to handle payables and receivables, budgeting and preparation of financial statements.

Whatever the need, CMI can help your community group provide the best quality environment for owners.

Property Services for Your Community in Oregon and Washington

Our ability to tailor a suite of services to your particular needs is based on experienced service since 1972. Our extensive range of community management services can add value to your community, and we can deliver successful solutions to a wide array of problems. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and your property as if we lived there ourselves. As we create your customized service package, we maximize our efficiency and we partner with the Board of Directors to keep tight controls on budgets. Come join us and make your community the absolute best it can be!

Community Involvement

CMI Board Training : Insurance with Larry Thompson

Join CMI’s Carra Pewsey, PCAM and Larry Thompson with American Family Insurance as they examine Community Association Insurance. Properly insuring a community is an important job of the Board of Directors, and getting it done right can be tricky. Larry and Carra examine insurance policy ‘dos and don’ts’ while they answer questions from the group. This training can help you understand what to look for and what to avoid.