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Concierge Services

Our #1 Objective is to always provide “The Best Customer Service Available”

Whether you are looking to discover new experiences in your local neighborhood or simply want a warm smile to greet guests, an onsite CMI Concierge adds the finishing touch to your community. All of our concierge staff are motivated to always provide the best customer service and trained in the unique requirements of your community.

CMI Concierge Services

CMI Concierge Services

  • Make information accessible to residents for personal services such as dry cleaning, local restaurants, theater information, housekeeping.
  • Coordinate dry cleaning and laundry service for the building’s residents.
  • Continually search for new services, restaurants, and up-coming events.
  • Obtain brochures, costs of tickets, directions to the event, so this information is available to residents.
  • Maintain current contact lists.
  • Make certain all communications for the building are properly displayed and up to date.
  • Work with the Community Manager and the Facility Asset Management to keep up-to-date on the Association’s procedures as they relate to emergencies, and policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors.
  • Concierge staff is trained by the Facility Asset Management to ensure familiarity with building systems, especially the requirements of the fire alarm system.
  • Monitor the building’s systems continually.
  • Check exterior doors on a regular basis to make sure they are latched and have not been propped open.
  • Politely screen people who are requesting access to the building to determine if they are an expected guest or an expected vendor.
  • Obtain a signed authorization before we provide anyone with keys to an owner’s unit.
  • Produce and submit reports requested by the Community Manager or the Board of Directors.
  • Maintain a record of all visitors and contractors.
  • Track and schedule move in and move out activities.
  • Keep the data base up-to-date with regard to ownership changes, rental/tenant information.
  • Record reported rules violations and detail of communication with owners regarding alleged violations.
  • Receive and keep a record of maintenance requests from residents.
  • Receive and post notices to alert residents of window washing, garage cleaning, and dates, times and locations of meetings.