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Establishing Community Groups in Oregon & Washington

Communities are more than buildings; they are people, connections, experiences, histories, and futures that go beyond bricks and mortar. At Community Management Inc., we care about the intangible aspects that make your community yours. As community management professionals and partners, we work side by side to maintain that true uniqueness that is home.

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Selecting a community management professional to work with can be a daunting task. You’re hoping to find someone who will treat your community the way you would, every community management professional will be as invested in the wellbeing of a community group as its board of directors. It might even seem impossible to find a group you can trust with something so important. At CMI, we pride ourselves on our core values — our commitment to establishing relationships and partnerships on the foundation of passionate, ethical, and dedicated service to our clients. When you work with CMI, you’ll get that level of engagement that assures you your community group is in the best of hands. We go the extra mile to communicate and constantly refine our approach to your community, so that our service will continue to improve as we work together to provide the solutions that are right for you.

While some firms may act as though they’ve never heard of you once the checks have been signed, we strive for an amiable, professional, long lasting partnership. To that end, we pride ourselves on our approachability and responsiveness. If you have a need, we want to know about it. If part of the management plan isn’t going as you’d hoped, we want to hear about it! While our hope is that our services will relieve the stress of managing your community group, our associates are here for you whenever you want to be involved and work with us on refining our approach.

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Community Management Inc. has over four decades of experience in the community management field. Our associates receive extensive training and have years of individual experience under their belts. Even more importantly, our team is eager to put that experience to work for our clients. We’ve worked with many community groups in Washington and Oregon, and in building and nurturing those partnerships, we’ve come to a good understanding of what it takes to work hand-in-hand with our community group partners to find successful solutions to complex problems.

Our associates maintain up-to-date credentials across the board and are continually refining their skill sets via regular educational events. What this means for your community group is that there will always be a professional resource on hand, ready to help carry out your personalized management plan and address changes along the way.

CMI is composed of a diverse, professional staff who are focused on working together to achieve big results for our clients. As we forge new relationships, we hope that our horizons will expand along with yours.

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If you’re looking for help managing your community group needs, we believe our history of success speaks for itself. You don’t need to take our word for it — you can ask our longstanding partners about their experiences working alongside CMI, crafting bespoke solutions to tricky problems. During our many years in the field, we’ve created a legacy as dedicated community management professionals in Washington and Oregon, and we’re proud and excited to continue that track record with each new client.

When there is open communication, both sides are able to grow. That’s a core value at CMI — fostering and relying on free-flowing communication. We strive to improve every day, and listening to feedback from our partners is a key component in that process. So let’s work together to create solutions that optimize your community management experience with CMI.

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