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Homeowners Association Management Services in Oregon & Washington

Community Management Inc.’s experience and credentials in homeowner association management help us ensure that your homeowner's association runs efficiently. We create a maintenance plan to suit your needs and work alongside you to deliver on your development goals.

Management for Your Homeowners Association

When assessing the requirements of a homeowners association, it’s imperative to address those things that make each community unique in a custom management plan. At CMI, we treat each one of our partner homeowners associations as individuals. We don’t subscribe to the cookie cutter approach when it comes to our menu of association management services.. Working together with you, we’ll create an individualized service package that takes care of all the things you need, and skips the ones you don’t. This allows for budget maximization and the greatest effect per dollar spent.

CMI has been doing this since 1972, and with over 50 years of experience in the association management services field, CMI now has a diverse knowledge of the industry. That knowledge means we can bring our expertise to our management services with the associations of Oregon and Washington.

CMI offers association management services that run the gamut from fiscal planning and ad hoc administrative services to meeting preparation and correspondence. We can handle record keeping and budget planning, and we keep our clients in the loop through timely and accurate reporting.

There is no need to settle for sub-par association management services in Oregon and Washington. CMI has continually raised the bar over our four decades of service, and strives to continue to do so for many years to come. Let us work with you in designing the best suite of association management services for your homeowners association.

Property Services For Your Homeowners Association

In many cases, the motivation behind engaging a firm like CMI is to relieve some of the stress that comes with the day-to-day management of your property. By turning over the administration of your homeowners association and the related physical facilities, you’re giving yourself the freedom to focus your attention on other areas — the areas where your time is best spent. But in order for this equation to work correctly, you need to be able to trust the firm you work with to deliver the desired services professionally and consistently. At CMI, all of our work springs from our core value of delivering quality service with the utmost integrity. When you partner with us, we want you to feel the peace of mind that you were looking for when you decided to engage an association management firm in the first place!

We offer a range of property services for your homeowners association. Our janitorial services keep your properties in mint condition and allow us to identify and address problems while they’re still small. For a more full-service experience, our concierge and porter service can give your residents access to amenities more commonly associated with luxury hotel experiences, right where they live.

As we work together to create your personalized suite of association management services, we’ll help identify specific needs and strategies for how to best address each one of them. We want to create a service plan that checks every box you need, and skips the ones you don’t.

Facility Asset Management for your Home Owners Association

In addition to our property maintenance services, CMI offers a suite of building-specific maintenance services. In this area, we focus on managing the growth and development of homeowners associations through the maintenance and improvement of associated buildings.

Like most things, buildings will decay if left uncared for. If regular maintenance is not performed, the law of entropy will sink its hooks into your properties, and before you know it, problems that would once have been easy to address have grown into full-blown catastrophes. Keeping up to date on every little detail of building maintenance can be a daunting task and a bit of a headache. If it’s not something you’ve had years of experience in, it can eat up a lot of time and energy. The good news is that CMI has those long years of experience. For us, developing a detailed maintenance plans and carrying it out with exactness is a pleasure!

We approach each new building with the understanding that it’s unlike any other. We work together with our clients to understand the specific demands and needs of each property, and to create a plan to address them. Our use of building systems and maintenance checklists ensure that we don’t skip or gloss over anything, so we catch problems while they’re small. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Learn about Facility Asset Management