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Our People – Our Greatest Resource

At CMI, we all believe in giving, mentorship, working hard, and continuing education. When we set out to define our Core Values, we got together a group of five CMI teams to discuss which principles we align with most. In their words, “it was a party!” When you all care about the same things, it’s not hard to observe and document. Here are the results. – Kaye Youngren

Our Values

Our mission remains the same as it was at our founding in 1972: to provide outstanding and reliable services to our clients with integrity and trust. Our clients and staff understand that CMI is committed to their success, and as the industry changes, CMI will continue to evolve without sacrificing its Core Values. CMI only succeeds through our clients and our staff, and we share in their triumphs.

At CMI, we build partnerships: partnerships with our clients, with our vendors, and with each other. These connections are the building blocks of our success, and our goal is to never let them crumble. At the core of CMI, you will find associates who work hard to serve HOA communities, while sincerely supporting one another.

We created eight Core Values to define the culture of CMI. They reflect everything we embrace.

These Core Values are what we rely upon to help us place the “right” associates in the “right” positions. When searching for potential associates, we look for people who identify with our Core Values, the importance of internal collaboration, meeting goals, our company-wide shared vision, and ongoing employee development.

We Are Ethically Unyielding

Our goal is to be transparent, open, and upfront in every aspect of our business. We stand by our word and take responsibility for our actions. We are committed to delivering on our promises; our commitment to excellence is our badge of honor. CMI associates and clients can rest assured that our goal is to earn trust and respect by doing what we promise.


CMI is a collaboration of great minds, but we prefer to stay in the background. We are here to assist our clients, to support them as they take the credit for jobs well done.

Passionate, Committed, Insightful Leadership

We believe passion is a combination of drive and dedication, making it inseparable from our commitment to our clients, and since 1972, we have provided HOA communities with committed leadership. We are passionate about helping the communities we manage, but we also believe in making a difference by reaching beyond our walls. Our creative side sparkles most when our associates donate time to volunteering and charitable fundraising events. CMI understands that we are part of a larger community, and we recognize our responsibility to give back to that community as a whole. John Wooden said it best: “You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for somebody who will never be able to repay you.”

Yes, we are passionate and committed, and quite frankly, we love what we do! We’re not afraid to try new solutions and explore all possible avenues in any situation. If we do not have the right answer handy, we have the resources and connections to find it. This is what sets us apart from the competition.

Even with all that passion, however, we know we can only offer our clients insightful suggestions by listening carefully to their concerns, as well as consistently working to better ourselves. CMI partners with the most experienced and talented associates in the industry, provides training on how to resolve issues with confidence and ease, and invests in continuing education to keep our knowledge current and our skills sharp.

Determined and Dedicated

To be determined is to have a strong feeling that you are doing something of value, and that you will not allow anyone or anything to stop you. CMI associates are determined to meet client expectations. Our highly trained experts work to meet our client’s goals and will engage fellow associates on any project until it’s complete. We take a creative and innovative approach to managing communities, which adds a colorful, solutions-oriented side to CMI.

CMI will not overpromise. We are dedicated problem solvers who keep our commitments while following proper procedures so that we can deliver an excellent product, every time. Consistency, honesty, and accuracy are crucial when working to earn clients’ and coworkers’ confidence. If we do make a mistake, we work together to make it right. It’s never just one of us solving a problem, but all CMI associates supporting one another every day.

Reliable, Responsive and Approachable

To be reliable means being there, and CMI associates are always there to respond to emergencies, help conduct conflict resolution, field account questions, and process ideas.

We provide responsive communication. We want interactions with every CMI associate to be rewarding, helpful, respectful, and solution-focused. CMI associates share a sense of urgency when it comes to client matters, and we are dedicated to being available and ready to assist our clients.

At CMI, approachable means easy to talk to or deal with. CMI has an open-door policy and provides multiple channels for clients to engage our associates with their requests. Listening to others without making assumptions is critical to addressing needs efficiently. CMI invests in state-of-the-art technology, which help to maintain open communication. That technology, combined with our enthusiastic associates who understand the urgent needs of our clients, gives CMI the ability to respond quickly to customer requests or emergencies.


Relationships are integral to what CMI does. From the relationships we nurture within our own organization, to those we foster with our Board members, those that hold together our network of service providers, and those we develop with our homeowners, we strive to maintain and strengthen these relationships to better serve our communities. Where dedicated partnerships are nourished, business grows.

Unique and United

Through the merging of our diverse experiences, skill sets, and perspectives, along with our respect for the thoughts and opinions of others, we can achieve our collective goals both as individuals and as a company. As CMI associates, we all understand our roles in each unique HOA community. In fact, we willingly embrace creativity and are not afraid to “walk on the wild side” if it will enhance the client experience.

Who We Are

To sum it up in five words, A COMPANY WITH UNYIELDING INTEGRITY. We all go the extra mile to provide superb service to our clients. We strive for honesty in all we do. We are compassionate. We keep a sense of humor during the difficult moments. We are trustworthy — our word is our bond. We see possibilities where others see roadblocks. We find a better, smarter way of doing simple jobs, and we turn the complicated tasks into marquee accomplishments. We are demanding of others because we insist upon excellence in ourselves. We meet deadlines, keep our cool, and still have fun.

CMI is made up of great and wonderful people, and that didn’t just happen by chance. We carefully considered the hiring of each of our associates. Each person made the decision to accept our offer of employment. We each bring to the table unique experiences, exceptional talents and abilities, and different points of view. When we all come together, we have a responsibility to each other to adhere to our core values as we bring our finest efforts to the team, and to your community.