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Unique and United

Community Management Inc. offers a genuine alternative to self-managed property management. Since 1972 we’ve led the way in real community management by harnessing our diverse experience and skills and coupled with fresh perspectives.

Unique in cohesion, United in drive.

Property Management Services

In any industry, there are ways to differentiate one firm from the next, or one set of services from another. There are price metrics, customer interface, and the quality of the products or services. Then, of course, there’s the fickle creature that is reputation. At CMI, we separate ourselves from the pack through a combination of all of the above. Having been in the industry for over four decades, we’ve established a track record we’re proud of. Through our customizable approach, we aim to maximize the potential of our client’s budget by making sure each dollar gets put to work in the most efficient way possible. A little bit can go a long way when your services are tailored to meet your needs.

At CMI, we take a proactive, hands-on approach. Whether we’re assisting a homeowner’s association or a condo association, we engage actively in giving our clients’ residents an enhanced experience in their day-to-day lives. Our real property management services run the gamut from financial forecasting to carpentry, and pretty much everything in between.

When considering a community management group, it’s important to remember that adding CMI services to your community should relieve stress and worry, rather than add. At CMI, we prize integrity over all, from the beginning of each partnership and for as long as our services are needed. We also value transparent reporting and communication, and we keep an open line of communication with our partners at all times. Whether our clients feel the need to take advantage of it or not, we’re always available and willing to talk. We’re also aware that, over time, needs can change, and as an active management group, we may become aware of issues before our clients do. Keeping clients aware of their properties’ needs is essential to our ability to provide service tailored for those needs, so these are the cases when that open and free-flowing line of communication is important and available.

Real Community Management Solutions

When considering management for your property, you have a choice between a run-of-the-mill property management firm that will schedule your parking lot cleaning and record your rent checks, or the CMI approach, where each client receives a custom, comprehensive management plan. We know each community isn’t just an interchangeable set of buildings to be cleaned. There are always specific needs to be addressed, and that’s exactly what we do. You don’t need parking lot sweeping if your community doesn’t have a parking lot, so why pay for one? We make sure every dollar of management budget goes to where it can make the most difference. When you work with CMI, you get the benefit of decades of experience, plus our commitment to real, hands-on involvement in making each community association the best it can be.

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Residential Property Management

CMI isn’t just another real property management firm, and we recognize and value that your property isn’t just another property. Our comprehensive ability to see and address specific needs is what sets us apart. With that agility, we work together with our partners to find creative solutions to complex problems.

CMI is home to experienced associates from varied backgrounds who bring a wealth of diverse thought and unique viewpoints. When we draw from our collective knowledge and experience, we’ve got the ability to approach problems from several angles, and we approach each new challenge as a fresh, unique puzzle to be solved. We never toss the same old solutions at unique, complicated problems. Our rare, composite makeup gives us the background we need to keep our perspective fresh, allowing us to provide novel answers to our clients’ management problems.