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Both E-checks and ACH debit the customer’s bank account.The difference between E-checks and ACH is who maintains the payment information and transmits the payments. ACH is maintained by CMI.CMI uses the bank information that you provided on the ACH enrollment form to setup a recurring debit from the account you specify (checking or savings).CMI transmits the debits monthly or quarterly to be effective on the 8th of each month, or business day thereafter, when the 8th falls on a weekend or holiday. CMI automatically updates the payment amount for customers in the ACH program when your Association approves a new budget and the rate changes. The ACH program is available for the regular monthly or quarterly budgeted fees as we debit the same amount each month or quarter until a budgeted rate change occurs. If your Association has a serial special assessment, it can be included in the debit.You just need to note at the top of the form if you want just the regular, just the special or both regular + special assessment included in the debit. If your Association adopts a new special assessment and you are already on ACH, you would need to fill out another form to add the new special assessment to your debit.If you request a statement for your HOA account, ACH payments are posted as check number 99999.If you are on the ACH program and your bank account changes or you wish to cancel ACH payments, please notify [email protected]  of the change.

E-checks are online payments that you initiate using your bank account and bank routing number through our E-payment system.The user goes to CMI’s web site (www.communitymgt.com) and enters this information directly into CMI’s Electronic Payment System.Registration is not required to make a one-time payment.One-time E-payments are subject to a $2.00 convenience fee.  CMI doesn’t make any changes to your E-payment.If you request a statement for your HOA account, E-check payments are posted as check number 88888.