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Resale FAQ’s

If you are trying to buy or sell your home and require the association documents, please see:

Resale Report – This report contains information for the buyer and payoff information for the Title company. This report includes a complete set of current association documents. The report also meets the criteria Washington has for Resale Certificates. Make sure you work with the Title company and you have a buyer when ordering this report.

Community Association Documents – This report includes only a set of current association documents. This report should be ordered if an owner or realtor needs the association documents for an upcoming sale, or if an owner has lost their documents or need the most current ones. No other information is provided.

If you trying to refinance or purchase a home through a mortgage broker or bank, please order:
Lender Report – This report is used by banks and mortgage companies when preparing a loan or completing a questionnaire. It contains specific information relating to an association, including all information required by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This report can only be ordered by a lender.

If you are with a title company or settlement company closing on a refinance or sale and need current account balance, please see:
Escrow Report – This report is needed by title and escrow companies. This report shows settlement information for an account that is closing due to the transfer of title.

Assessment Certificate – This report is used when refinancing a mortgage or to get the information to pay any current balances on an account. It shows just the current balance due to the association, if any. No other documents are included.

What payment options are there?

Please note that all reports that require advanced payment must be paid with either card or check.

Once logged into CondoCerts you will be able to see report types and costs associated with each report.

The HOA does not pay CMI for assisting homeowners and their lenders when they are selling, refinancing and/or buying a home. CMI provides this service directly to the owner or lender. CMI maintains the website and processes all orders through CondoCerts, a web-based service that CMI subscribes to. Costs for this service are charged to the requester.

Please order the escrow report or assessment covenant report (refinance report) for any pay off information for the HOA fees. Please click on the below link and place your order online.

Real Estate Resources

There are two options:

  1. With the Association Web Portal the current owner can obtain documents for no additional costs. The Web Portal can be accessed at https://portal.communitymgt.com. The login will be your email, and the site has a link to reset your password if needed. It is likely that the documents you need will be posted on this site.
  2. To request the documents delivered, you will need to place an order through CondoCerts. There you can order the Community Association Documents Packet to obtain only association documents or the Resale Certificate, which contains payoff information for the Title company and the association documents.

Yes, for Resale, Community Association Documents, Lender Report and Assessment Certificates. No, for Escrow Reports- escrow reports can be paid at closing.

Resale, Community Association Documents, Lender Report and Assessment Certificates must be paid in advance before the order can be processed. Payment options will be listed when placing the order through CondoCerts.

Escrow Reports may be paid at closing.

There will be options on CondoCerts to update the orders you have already placed so you can pay for the addition form. If you need assistance, please contact CondoCerts Tech Support at 800-310-6552.

There will be options on CondoCerts to request the cancellation of an order you have already placed. If you need assistance, please contact CondoCerts Tech Support at 800-310-6552.

We provide unlimited updates on the Escrow Report for up to 90 days, without an additional cost. If you require an update to the report, there will be options on CondoCerts. If you need assistance, please contact CondoCerts Tech Support at 800-310-6552.