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On Saturday, June 22nd, 2013, we had the privilege of taking part in “Hunger Doesn’t Vacation,” a summer food box delivery drive which was organized by the Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division.  The Portland Police Bureau founded the Sunshine Division in 1923 to provide emergency food and clothing relief to Portland families and individuals in need.  For ninety years the Sunshine Division has built a legacy of mobilizing quickly and efficiently to assist distressed Portlanders, whether due to job loss, illness, disaster or fire victims, or domestic crime.

This particular campaign was designed to address childhood hunger issues which can arise during summer breaks.  During the school year, children have access to free or reduced price breakfasts and lunches five days a week at their local schools. During the summer, however, these meals are unavailable to those children. This causes thousands of local children to go without two of their three meals each weekday.

With the help of Portland Police Officers and other community volunteers, we were able to successfully deliver 1,100 boxes of food to Portland area families.  This effort included about 200 groups of “drivers” who volunteered their time and vehicles to deliver boxes of food to homes throughout the Portland area.  Community Management’s “Green Envy” Ford Fiesta and Royal Purple CMI logo stood out in the crowd as we made deliveries to a number of smiling, appreciate families in our beautiful Portland area.

A very special thanks to Justin Connell for his efforts on behalf of this food delivery.

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